Project Design and Implementation plan


Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU) could work as the Applicant Organization of the project.

The Agrisensor  served as a social gathering place for the exchange of information and technologies. The Agrisensor system made catalyze transformation that is helping to alleviate rural isolation (digital divide), create more transparency for farmers, and improve their productivity and incomes.

The applicant organization established and maintain the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures and network in rural of Bangladesh. The applicant organization established and install the E-Village and recruit staff with the help of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

The Agrisensor could identify and train a local farmer to become the CBO (coordinating farming community) with the assistance of applicant organization. The farmer can use the smartphone or computer/touch screen of the e-village to access daily information on market price and market trends of national and international market, improved farming technologies, pest management, crop management, quality input, maintenance of irrigation and tillage technology, soil management, and post harvesting handling and techniques.


The CBO typically aggregated the village demand for those products and get assistance from Agrisensor and its apps. The Agrisensor system gave farmers more control over their choice, a higher profit margin on their crops and access to information that will improve their productivity.

CBO could be indicated three equally-weighted motivations for assuming their role: a means to help their community, easily accessible to developed apps, and a means of getting access to functionalICTs. They received training from applicant organization on basic smartphone usage, the function of Agrisensor, entrepreneurship, basic business skills as well as quality inspection of crops, and livestock.